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Over 26 000 veterans from Odessa to receive municipal aid to the Victory Day


In 2010, material aid will be paid out to:
- war invalids, persons having rendered great services to their Motherland and military operations participants;
- war participants, ghettos and concentration camps prisoners.

The aid is provided in accordance with the Municipal Program of Social Services and Other Aid Granting to Odessa’s Unprotected Population Section and Odessa City Mayor’s “On Granting One-Time Municipal Targeted Aid to the 65th Anniversary of the Victory Day” Decree.

Odessa City Council Finances Dept will transfer the costs to Labor and Social Policy Dept’s account in order for the municipal targeted aid to be paid out to the veterans.
The first tranche is UAH 1 500 000, and 1 516 veterans will receive the aid at the expense of it.
In total, it is planned to pay out aid to 26 000 veterans (from total UAH 11 900 000).

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